For contribute to the alma mater “Feng-Chia University”, Architect Jason Wang established a care & education scholarship dedicated to advancing excellence in the study of architecture and urban environments. The scholarship annually sponsors students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are pursuing architectural studies, in hopes to help fully realize their potential. 

International Book Hut

    During 2013-2017, we wanted to share the compassion of Taiwanese on the world stage, therefore we built 10 book huts in Taiwan with FUC School of Architecture, the first international book hut was built in the Aka, Thailand,.
     It was originally planted with opium on the hills in Aka. It being replanted with Arabica coffee beans so far, but there is no technology for shelling and making coffee, so that can't improve the lives of local villagers.  We imported the technology of making coffee and taught them how to marketed worldwide to improving the lives of villagers.
     We hope a few years later, at book hut, combine more resources to help people who need.